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A sales pipeline is a snapshot of the future business. Your sales pipeline can be used as a strategic growth tool to define the priority, identify opportunities or create new opportunities based on metrics from historical data.


Understanding and Practicing Customer Advocacy

In sales, customer advocacy is when customers recommend a brand, product, or service to others. It’s about leveraging the positive experiences and satisfaction of existing customers to drive new business.

Top 10 brainstorming methods for better Teamwork

Brainstorming is an important technique for unlocking creativity, promoting innovation, and improving teamwork. No matter the size of your team, these tips will improve your brainstorming session.

10 books that Account Managers must read and why

Account managers ensure their clients’ businesses thrive. To improve in their roles, they can read books that provide fantastic ideas. Here are 10 great books specially chosen for them, whether

Guide to success with the SPIN Sales Method

The SPIN sales method emerges as a powerful approach that has stood the test of time. This guide explores the SPIN sales method, including its principles, benefits, and practical application.

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