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Onpipeline™ is a leading CRM platform. Whether you’re new to CRM or a seasoned expert, Onpipeline stands out as a versatile and powerful choice. 

In one-solution, you can manage your contacts and the entire sales process, organize your daily activities, generate quotes, collect e-signatures, and much more.

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How it works - in 3 steps

1. Create a Sales Pipeline

Set up the sales pipeline and create the steps for your sales process. Fill it with deals and start!

2. Track Sales Progress

Take control of your sales funnel. Plan activities, track interactions, and create quotes and invoices.

3. Contact Management

See a timeline of all the things that happened, like phone calls, emails, meetings.


Your virtual assistant

Hey! is a virtual CRM assistant integrated into Onpipeline, providing real-time updates and guidance. It tracks your sales pipeline, so you don’t miss important sales tasks and can work efficiently. 

It is powered by advanced algorithms made by our skilled engineers. The result? A Sales CRM tool designed to supercharge your performance and productivity. With Hey!, your most precious resource, time, will be saved, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Feature highlights

Sales Process

Use sales pipeline management tools to track and manage deals as they progress through the stages of the sales process. You can find areas to improve sales by tracking deals with a customizable process! 

See how many sales deals are in each pipeline stage, filter and make decisions to move deals to the next sales stage.

Feature highlights


You can schedule activities like tasks, calls, emails, and meetings, and link them to deals and contacts. In addition, you can add custom activities to match your business requirements.

Also, you can send reminders to your CRM contacts through email or SMS. The reminders can include details like time, date, and location.

Feature highlights

Contacts & Touchpoints

Manage customer and prospect data, and capture interactions. The CRM records emails, calls, meetings, and notes to track customer interactions and activities.

Easily start phone calls or send SMS with a single click. You can schedule and send lots of emails or text messages to many people at once. 

Feature highlights

Appointment Booking

You don’t have to call or email to make appointments

Customers can use this tool to easily schedule, change, and view their appointments. Onpipeline will store the appointments in your personal calendar.

Feature highlights

Quote Management

Quote Management is a valuable CRM tool in sales. It helps sales reps create price quotes and respond to bid requests. 

Make PDFs with your company’s style and colors. You can create new templates for each team and even translate into any language. Additionally, you can streamline your workflow with e-signatures.

Feature highlights


Fully integrated invoicing software. You can create multilingual and multicurrency Invoices and send them in a click. You can send reminders or notices and record payments. 

Use the status overview to keep track of drafts, paid and unpaid invoices. You can also create different businesses with different templates.

What is a CRM?

A Sales CRM platform can help any business that wants to stay closely connected with their customers. CRM is not just about fixing common problems, like keeping track of potential customers or managing sales and leads. 

If you want to keep customer details and track sales  information, switch from spreadsheets to a CRM!

CRM Benefits

A CRM improves how sales and customer relationships are managed. It helps give customers attention and respond to prospects quickly.

You can organize lead generation and sales activities. These include tasks, calls, emails, and meetings with people and groups you interact with. Furthermore, you can design custom events or sales activities that match your business and make the CRM work better for you.

Sales Pipeline software makes your sales process smoother. You can close more deals and reach your targets. In our Standard CRM Plan, the Quote Management tool helps you create sales quotes from deals quickly and effectively.

85% of our customers reported improvements in efficiency and a 35% average increase in sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a CRM save your time?

A CRM boosts time efficiency for sales teams and businesses through various means. It consolidates customer information and simplifies email and call management. Incorporating organization tools, like task management and reminders, minimizes oversights. Moreover, the CRM goes beyond by generating insightful reports on sales performance. It also integrates with other essential tools like email and calendars.

Will Onpipeline work for my me?

Having a well-planned sales strategy can benefit your company in many ways. Onpipeline CRM helps you make more sales and money, understand customers, and improve relationships.

Take a look at the features

Is Onpipeline the best CRM?

Onpipeline offers a variety of options designed to meet diverse business needs. Our tool encompasses all essential features. It is also scalable, adjusting to the growth of your business. It stands as a cost-effective solution suitable for businesses of any size and our support team is ready to assist with any technical matters. To find out whether Onpipeline is the ideal CRM for you, take the initial step by claiming your 30-day free trial.

What is Onpipeline?

Onpipeline is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software. It helps businesses manage their sales processes. It assists in handling contacts, organizing sales tasks, quotes, and activities. The platform includes features for sales pipeline management, lead tracking, and reporting. This helps sales teams stay focused on goals. It also helps them efficiently manage interactions with clients and prospects.

How do I choose a CRM solution?

Choose Onpipeline for your CRM needs for its affordability, user-friendliness, and adaptability. It’s budget-friendly for small to medium-sized businesses, easy to navigate with a simple interface, and can be customized to fit your unique processes. Onpipeline’s Sales Pipeline Management tools make your sales processes more efficient. It integrates with other tools for a smooth workflow, and teams can access CRM data on the go.

Is CRM implementation difficult?

Implementing CRM systems can be challenging. Transferring scattered or disorganized customer data can be a big task. and training users and overcoming resistance to change pose challenges. Also, customizing the CRM to fit business processes may require substantial time and resources.

However, not all CRM implementations are complex. Onpipeline stands out for its user-friendly interface. This makes it easier for small to medium-sized businesses and those new to CRM software.

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