Lead Management

Software to capture and manage your online leads

Leads usually refer to potential customers who have shown interest through marketing campaigns but have not yet been verified.

Onpipeline enables you to capture leads from various campaigns, allowing your team to efficiently manage them both during the qualification phase and throughout the entire sales process.

Lead Management

1. Capture & Review

Lead Capture

New leads enter a layer that we call “Leads IN,” where you and your team can review them before deciding to qualify them. You can use our web forms or nearly any other form, including WPForms, JotForm, Gravity Forms, Facebook Leads, Google Leads, and more, to add leads directly to Leads IN.

The leads undergo validation, including duplicate detection. During this phase, you can import a new contact, import and create a deal, or delete.

2. Import into Deals

Import Deals

Once a lead is imported, it enters your contact database and creates a deal. Onpipeline’s visual interface simplifies pipeline management.

The deal assignment to a sales rep can be based on specific contact information (location, industry, etc.) and can even be assigned randomly among all users or users of a specific team, using a weighted round-robin mechanism based on open deals. 

Lead Sources

In Lead Management, you can track lead sources.

You can create as many lead sources as needed, providing each with a dedicated web form and/or access to your API.

In digital marketing, you might collaborate with external partners who supply leads via a web service. In this scenario, in Onpipeline you can use our API to allow them to connect and store new leads, helping you keep everything organized and under control.

Simplify your Deals

Onpipeline streamlines your sales workflow by eliminating the need to manually import data across different tools. With its comprehensive features, you can view all your deal information and follow up actions in one centralized platform.

Easily make calls and send emails directly from Onpipeline, which automatically tracks and logs every activity for you. This not only ensures you have a complete record of your interactions but also frees up valuable time, allowing you to focus on closing more deals and enhancing customer relationships. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools and hello to a more efficient, productive workday with Onpipeline.


Leads FAQ

What is Lead Management Software?

Lead Management Software is a tool that helps businesses organize, track, and nurture sales leads. It streamlines lead capture, scoring, assignment, and reporting, ensuring timely follow-up and maximizing sales opportunities.

How does Lead Management work?

Lead management involves capturing leads from various sources, evaluating their quality, and distributing them to sales representatives for follow-up. Once leads are qualified, nurturing strategies are employed to engage them until they are ready to make a purchase. 

Do I always need Lead Management Software?

Actually, if you don’t receive many leads from campaigns or your website, and your work focuses on directly reaching out to potential customers, your team can work directly from a list of validated and qualified contacts, converting them into deals as soon as there is interest from the prospect.

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