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Connect with Onpipeline through our API to enhance the experience for your team or customers. Leverage our API to build both public and private applications using OAuth.

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Create public Apps connected to Onpipeline. You can offer your customers to install via OAuth.

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Deliver an effective experience to your team by integrating external data and adding functionality.

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Thanks to our APIs you can interact with Onpipeline data, read or write information, use webhooks, and much more.

Our RESTful API uses JSON format for both input and output, access tokens and OAuth. Using OAuth or not depends on who is using the application you’re integrating. A public app will likely use OAuth.

Beyond our APIs, we offer tools designed for seamless integration with the interface

If you want to build an effective experience you will probably want to use our Actions Menu, a Widget to display contents from your App and log external events. 

Action Menu

You can add links to the Action Menu of Persons, Organizations or Deals. You can link your UI and pass info from Onpipeline.

More info | Endpoint


Widgets can be loaded into an iframe in Deal, Person or Organization page. Let users use your App within Onpipeline.

More info | Endpoint

Log Panel

You can add links to the Action Make your App events visible in the log panel. Users will have an overall view on a single page.

More info | Endpoint


Provide your applications with real-time information about Persons, Organizations, Deals and Calendar events.

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Manually created tokens

Account Administrators can access their account settings and navigate to the API section. Here, they can create and manage unique API tokens, which can be suspended or deleted as needed. More info

OAuth Clients

To receive tokens via OAuth, you need a Client ID, which can be requested by contacting our support team – Please also send us details about your project and your privacy policy url.

If you don’t have an account with Onpipeline to develop your App please click here to activate a free 30-day trial account. 

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