CRM for Sales Teams

Onpipeline is the best CRM for Sales Teams. It helps people and departments work together and close more deals.

CRM for Sales Teams

Both small and large Sales Teams will find that sharing information improve the quality of their work and improve results.

Main Features:

  • Collaboration throughout the sales cycle
  • Unlimited Teams and Team Leaders
  • Effective team and cross-team collaboration
  • Keep your team informed, instantly
  • Team leader supervision and training

Supervise and motivate

Managers need to provide their sales reps with clear direction and the necessary motivation to help them succeed and reach the desired bottom line. 

This will help to create a successful and cohesive team that can work together to achieve their goals. Effective communication and trust building between managers and reps is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives. 

In addition, managers should also provide reps with resources and tools to help them succeed, such as training, performance tracking, and feedback. 

For this reason, Team Leaders in Onpipeline will automatically have access to any information related to the users within the Team, supervise activities and train new members. 

Moreover, Team Leaders can view / edit members calendars and assign activities that sales reps will find in their calendar.

Supervise and motivate
sharing customer information

Information is vital

The importance of sharing customer information is vital in any business where there are multiple people working on the same accounts and having contact with customers. 

For example, when the sales process involves several roles in the company, having a centralized customer information system can make a huge difference in customer management. 

Onpipeline CRM can help to record activities, notes, comments, emails, calls, and documents related to customer interactions, which can help to streamline the process of customer management. 

Additionally, having access to this information in one place can make it easier to identify any potential issues or opportunities that may arise during the sales process.

Share Deals and Pipelines

Share Deals and Pipelines

Sales Pipelines can be reserved for a specific team or shared within the company. This allows you to assign the deal to a different owner according to the stage in which it is located. 

Having access to the same pipeline allows admins, team leaders, or users with whom the deal has been shared to make predictions about future events, understand the workloads of individuals or teams, and analyze other key factors that may affect the outcome of the deal. 

This enables decision-makers to make more informed decisions, leading to better results for the organization.

Activity planning

Activity planning

An activity planner for each user  (calendar), integrated and linked to customers and deals, helps not only the sales rep but also administrators and team leaders to organize their work and reallocate or assign activities to team members. 

The team leader will no longer need to manually request activity or progress reports from the team, as they will be able to access this information directly from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. 

The CRM will provide a comprehensive overview of the team’s activities and progress, which will be constantly kept up to date. This will reduce the amount of time and effort the team leader needs to invest in order to stay informed on the team’s progress, and it will also ensure that the team leader has access to accurate and up-to-date information whenever they need it.

Why Sales Managers need a CRM

Sales Managers drive Sales Teams while working concurrently to achieve their sales goals. Therefore, they must prepare sales forecasts, attend meetings and train new salespeople.

That said, managers need to have enough time to focus on important activities like motivating and training salespeople. 

CRM software helps team leaders be more productive by automating tasks such as performance tracking, sales forecasting and sales goal management.

Why is Onpipeline is the best CRM for Sales Managers?

Sales Managers can monitor each sales rep’s pipeline, easily team up with new team members, and analyze sales data. 

They can prioritize, understand which deals require the most attention and which sales reps need the most coaching.

Team Email

A team email is a shared inbox for incoming and outgoing emails, e.g. @sales that you can sync with Onpipeline. This allows the whole team to access the same emails, rather than each person logging into the account individually, making it easier to coordinate actions.

Team Inbox

The Inbox module allows to quickly message team members without having to move to email. Internal messaging will surely bring more efficiency to your daily work. With Inbox you can send messages to one or more colleagues at the same time and also securely send files.

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