Calendar & Activity Management

Integrated calendar for your daily activities. 

Easily create and track specific events linked to your deals or contacts.

CRM Calendar & Activity Management
Calendar details

week start day can be customized

Your Calendar 

A personal calendar is available in all plans to track any activity, whether or not it is connected to customersIf you link the activity to a customer, you will be able to retrieve it at any time from the contact’s history.

Also, when creating the event, it is possible to send an invitation; it will be sufficient to enter their email address.


Team leaders and administrators can access their own calendar, but they can also view and create events in other users’ calendars or simply add useful notes.

Integrated Online Booking

Save time spent on making appointments over phone and emails with this easy-to-use online appointment booking software. Simply define your availability and have clients making bookings 24/7. 

Our tool ensures that when you book times on your calendar, the availability of those times is automatically adjusted to avoid any double bookings. 

You can easily adjust or rearrange schedules to ensure that the conflict is resolved.  This may involve changing the start and end times of the events or finding an alternate date or location for the activities.

Online Appointment Booking Software
Gmail or Outlook calendars in a two-way replication with CRM

2-way calendar sync

Additionally, you can choose whether to sync your calendar with your existing Gmail or Outlook calendars in a two-way replication.

This means you can automatically import events and appointments from your Gmail or Outlook calendars into our system, but you can also export events from our system back to Gmail or Outlook.

This seamless synchronization ensures that you have a unified view of all your appointments and commitments across platforms, making it even more convenient to manage your schedule effectively.

Mark events as completed

In various areas of the CRM, you can flag the event as dne. This will allow you to accurately track your activities, especially those entered into the pipeline

Mark events as completed
Appointment reminders

Appointment reminders 

In today’s world, effective time management is crucial. Our CRM offers a robust solution. This feature allows you to send proactive email or SMS notifications before important events such as phone calls, meetings, or custom events.

Setting up these notifications is a breeze. We have simplified the configuration steps to ensure a smooth experience. You can quickly integrate your preferred email or SMS services into our system, allowing you to automate your reminders.


A very useful Gantt view (a graphical representation of activity against time) if you schedule tasks over a period and want to assess the commitment. The team leaders can check or add activities on their team’s calendars.


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