How can Onpipeline work

in your business?

How can Onpipeline work in your business?

We designed our basic tools to provide the greatest benefit without requiring a lot of setup time or expertise.

Once you get to know the CRM platform better, you can try out various features and tools. These can make your business processes and operations even better.

Onpipeline has many tools and features to make daily business activities easier. You can customize your experience to benefit your business. 

Level #1

Contacts & Activities

Onpipeline is a powerful CRM. It helps you organize customer data and generate quality leads. You can store important contact information in one place. 

It helps to keep everyone in the company on the same page and up-to-date on the customer’s information. Contact management facilitates communication between sales prospects / customers and company by allowing all individuals who have contact with the customer to access the same information. 

Onpipeline also works with Google and Outlook calendars, so users can sync their calendars with Onpipeline. Also, your marketing team can save leads using popular forms like wpforms, jotform, gravity forms, and more.

Level #2

Deal and Pipeline Management

In a Sales CRM, the next step is managing deals and sales pipelines. This tracking ensures that we do sales processes on time and we don’t miss any important activities. 

Sales managers can track and check deal progress in the sales cycle. They ensure that all necessary steps are taken and do not overlook any tasks. 

The Sales Pipeline is a tool used to track potential customers as they go through the sales process. They can use it to connect with customers and boost their conversion rates.

Onpipeline lets you connect calendars to deals and manage recurring revenues.

Level #3

Quote Management

Today, businesses need customized content that suits their customers to survive. It is essential to send personalized offers to customers in order to build trust with them. 

You can design and produce PDFs with your company’s style. Create new templates for each team. Use different headers and addresses. Translate documents into any language for customers in different countries.

Level #4

Integration of interactions

Email – By integrating emails into the CRM system, you can send and receive messages without switching apps. This will save you time and provide you with a better understanding of the customer’s needs.

Phone & SMS – Integrating telephone calls into the CRM system will give you a more complete picture of the customer. You will be able to see their interaction with your team and other departments. 

Level #5

Integration of external data

You can easily access and store all the necessary details in one place using Onpipeline’s API.

You can connect many apps and services to Onpipeline using Zapier, without custom software. This will save you time, money, and hassle.

Level #6


You can save time and improve the user experience by creating automations. Automations streamline your workflow and make it more efficient. 

You can program an automation to send an email to a new contact. You can also send an email when a deal reaches a certain stage. This can help you save time and increase the level of customer service you provide. 

Users can also create tasks using automations when they update data fields or perform other actions. By using automations, you can simplify your workflow and make it more efficient.

Level #7


Onpipeline is also a user-friendly invoicing software. It helps you create beautiful invoices and reminders for payments. 

You don’t have to use other apps. Just click once to send invoices, reminders, and messages to customers. 

The message will have the invoice and all information needed for the customer to pay. Onpipeline helps you manage payments, communicate with customers, and improve invoices through analysis.

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