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How can Onpipeline work in your business?

We designed our tools to provide the greatest benefit without requiring a lot of setup time or expertise.

Onpipeline has many features to make daily business activities easier. You can customize your experience to benefit your business! 

Contacts & Profiles

Onpipeline helps you organize customer data. You can customize the database to include specific fields that are relevant to your business, ensuring that all vital information about a contact is readily accessible.

Customizing fields and filters enables you to categorize contacts based on predefined criteria, making it easier to segment and target communications.

Contact management facilitates communication between sales prospects / customers and company by allowing all individuals who have contact with the customer to access the same information. 

Deals & Sales Pipelines

Onpipeline allows you to set up and customize sales pipelines tailored to your business processes. Each pipeline can represent a different sales process, helping to track deals at various stages, from lead generation to closing. 

Efficient pipeline management is ensuring that no opportunity is lost and that potential bottlenecks are identified.

Sales managers can track and check deal progress in the sales cycle. They ensure that all necessary steps are taken and do not overlook any tasks. 

Automating routine tasks within your sales pipeline can drastically improve efficiency. For instance, you can automate follow-up emails  and task assignments.

Quote Management

Integrating quote management with your sales pipeline ensures that you can generate, send, and track quotes directly within the CRM. 

This streamlined process helps in maintaining accuracy in sales quotes and reduces the turnaround time for customer responses.

You can design PDFs with your company’s style, create new templates for each team, use different headers and addresses, collect e-signatures and translate quotes into any language.

Our Inventory module provides the sales team with real-time stock availability. This allows sales reps to quickly respond to customer with accurate data.

Team Management

Managers need to provide their sales reps with clear direction and the necessary motivation to help them succeed and reach the desired bottom line. 

Use Onpipeline to assign tasks, track performance, and manage schedules across your teams. This ensures everyone is on the same page.

Monitoring the performance of your sales team is vital. Onpipeline provides tools that help track individual and team metrics, which is crucial for identifying high performers and areas needing improvement.

Lead Capture

Onpipeline allows you to create and embed web forms on your website to capture leads directly. These forms can be customized to collect specific information about potential customers who express interest in your product or service.

API Integrations: Onpipeline can integrate with various marketing automation platforms or CRMs you might already be using. This allows you to automatically import leads captured through those channels into Onpipeline.

Manual Lead Creation: For leads captured through other channels (e.g., trade shows, phone calls), Onpipeline likely allows you to create contacts within the platform. 

Also, you can connect many apps such as wpforms, jotform, gravity forms, facebook leads, google leads, etc.


You can log any interaction with your contacts, including taking and sharing notes, attaching files, scheduling activities and appointments.

Email: Onpipeline allows users to synchronize and manage their emails directly within the CRM. Emails can be linked to client contacts and sales deals. Onpipeline also offers options like BCC to manually transfer specific email conversations to the CRM. Info

Phone Calls: Integrations help ensure that all phone interactions are also stored and can be reviewed within the context of customer relationship management activities. Info

Bulk Messages: You can send or schedule emails or SMS to a group of contacts in just a few clicks. Simply filter your contacts add them to a list and schedule a message based on a template. Emails – SMS


Onpipeline offers a comprehensive calendar and activity management system, enhancing both individual productivity and team collaboration.

Every user in Onpipeline has their own personal calendar, which can be used to track various activities such as tasks, calls, emails, meetings, deadlines and custom activities. Activities can be linked to specific deals or contacts, which helps in maintaining a coherent history of interactions. 

Users can integrate their calendars with Calendly or use our in-house appointment booking app at no extra cost.

Team leaders and administrators have the capability to view and manage events across user calendars, ensuring that team activities are well-coordinated.


You can save time and improve the user experience by creating automations. Automations streamline your workflow and make it more efficient. 

You can program an automation to send an email to a new contact. You can also send an email when a deal reaches a certain stage. This can help you save time and increase the level of customer service you provide. 

Users can also create tasks using automations when they update data fields or perform other actions. By using automations, you can simplify your workflow and make it more efficient.


All Onpipeline plans come with powerful tools for managing both CRM data and external data via RESTful APIs, Widgets, Action Menus, and Webhooks.

These features allow for dynamic and real-time interactions with data, giving developers the flexibility to enhance user experiences and workflows as needed.

Moreover, our extensive support ensures that developers are well-assisted throughout every stage of the application development process, facilitating smooth and effective integration.


Onpipeline is also a user-friendly invoicing software. It helps you create beautiful invoices and reminders for payments. 

You don’t have to use other apps. Just click once to send invoices, reminders, and messages to customers. 

The message will have the invoice and all information needed for the customer to pay. Onpipeline helps you manage payments, communicate with customers, and improve invoices through analysis.

Onpipeline™ is a cloud-based Sales CRM. You can manage leads, customers, deals, activities, and the entire sales process from anywhere.

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