Nested Sales Process

A Sales Process consists of a set of repeatable steps through which the potential customer is led up.

If your team needs to go through a complex sales process that goes beyond the pipeline, you can specify a workflow that needs to be followed within each stage of each pipeline. It will help the Team Leader check if the processes are being followed but also the sales representative so as not to forget important activities.

Clear and efficient processes in your business will help you improve performance and increase sales.

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How does it work?

The steps of your workflow can be associated with a Pipeline stage, creating a logical path. Your team will manage the entire process as a checklist, by marking the sales process steps as done.

Mandatory steps prevent the Deal from being moved to the next stage. You can create conditional (OR) steps for any task in your workflow.

What is it for?

When the funnel stage involves several steps before it can be completed and we want to ensure activity tracking.

When and if there are moments in the sales process that involve mandatory tasks that must be completed by the sales rep before the deal can be moved to the next stage.

Benefits of a Sales Process

The salesperson who knows the sales process of your company will have a better chance of closing the deal, and this affects satisfaction, economic incentives and last but not least, the turnover of the company!

Junior salespeople or newcomers will more easily follow the company-defined process, without using separate files and notes, working with an integrated process.

Once completed, all workflow tasks are marked with the date and name of the user. This allows the team leader or other users sharing the deal to check the progress of the project and obtain information and ratings based on customer responses.

Mandatory tasks in the sales process means knowing how the contact with the customer will take place in terms of content and quality of communication.

We will know that a certain activity that is fundamental for us will be completed before we can move the deal to the next stage.

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