Workflow Automation

CRM automation improves productivity, efficiency, and customer experience.

Are you spending much time on repetitive tasks?

Onpipeline can help you save time on recurring tasks like manually sending emails, creating follow-up activities and/or creating an event.

Send emails

You can set the system to send an email based on a specific trigger like a deal created or updated (moved to a stage), a person is created or updated. The email can be sent the contact person or different email (any).

Create Events

Automatically create an event (activity) when a deal is created or updated or a person is created or updated. The event will be assigned to the deal owner, to a specific sales rep./user or randomly assigned within a specific team.

Create Deals

You can automatically create a deal when a person is created or updated, based on certain conditions. Automatic assignment can be based on customer data, for example your new deals can be assigned to a salesperson based on any field value.

The Power of APIs

Our Application Programming Interface is free for all accounts

With our API you can to connect your Onpipeline account to external applications. Through this interface you can create and edit records within Onpipeline without any limit. For example you can use external events as a trigger (ERP systems) and determine a data change within Onpipeline. But you can also use the APIs to read information within Onpipeline and update an external database. Read more about our developer tools.

Onpipeline™ is a cloud-based CRM that helps companies improve customer relationships. Sales teams can easily manage contacts, deals, activities, automations, and the entire sales process from anywhere. Should you have any questions about features, pricing or anything else, please contact us.

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