Workflow Automation

CRM software automation improves productivity, efficiency, and customer experience.

Onpipeline sales automation platform can help you save time on repetitive tasks / manual tasks, like sending emails, creating follow-up activities and creating events. Improve your sales productivity!

Send Emails

Salespeople who have access to sales automation tools are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. Automation can help send personalized emails to leads and prospects, keeping them engaged while the salesperson focuses on other tasks.

Our sales automation software can set the system to send an email based on a specific trigger like a deal created or updated (moved to a stage), a person is created or updated. The email can be sent the contact person or different email address.

Send SMS

You can schedule Bulk SMS to be sent in the future, allowing you to plan ahead. You can also send text notifications to your clients before an appointment, helping them to remember upcoming meetings and other important dates. This can help to ensure that your clients stay engaged and up-to-date with your business.

Schedule Activities

Being able to automatically schedule a task and save it in your calendar or assign it to a team member’s calendar saves you from missing out on opportunities.

Automatically create an event (activity) when a deal is created or updated or a person is created or updated. The event will be assigned to the deal owner, to a specific sales rep./user or randomly assigned within a specific team.

Create New Deals

Being able to automatically create and assign a deal to a sales rep according to certain values (e.g. area or product of interest) can save considerable time, speed up contact with customers, and definitely help with closing deals.

You can automatically create a deal when a person is created or updated, based on certain conditions. Automatic assignment can be based on customer data, for example your new deals can be assigned to a salesperson based on any field value.

Automate Notifications

Notifying external applications in real time will help keep team members up to date, maximize team performance and improve administrative tasks.

Webhooks – A webhook (also called Push API) is a way to provide your other applications with real-time information/updates about Persons, Organizations, Deals, Calendar events (activities).

API – With our API you can to connect your Onpipeline account to external applications. Through this interface you can create and edit records, and read data within Onpipeline. Read more about our developer tools.

Zapier is an automation platform that allows non-developers to easily connect Onpipeline to popular apps like Slack, CallRail, Gmail (and other 2000 apps).

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