Inventory Management

Simplify your Sales Management with Stock Control

Tailored for sales-driven organizations, Onpipeline’s Inventory module is specifically designed to automate and streamline your stock management. It integrates seamlessly with your sales processes.

Key Features

Real-time Stock Updates:
Keep your sales team informed with up-to-date stock levels, ensuring they always have the latest information at their fingertips.

Automatic Balance Control:
The system automatically adjusts stock levels when deals are won or quotations change, maintaining accurate inventory counts.

Setup Options:
Customize notifications, manage user permissions, and set up low stock alerts to keep your operations running smoothly.


Enhanced Sales Efficiency:
With immediate access to inventory information, sales teams can quote more accurately and close deals faster.

Reduced Stock Outages:
Automated alerts for low stock levels prevent shortages and help maintain continuous supply.

Inventory Control:
Manage specific SKUs without impacting overall functionality, making it easy to tailor your stock management to your business needs.

Stock Levels

View real-time stock levels at a glance! The system updates levels automatically as sales are made and stock is replenished, ensuring that your sales team has access to the most current data to serve your customers better.

Control in Quote Creation

The Inventory module integrates control directly into the quote creation process. 

This integration alerts CRM users in real-time, ensuring that sales representatives are informed about stock availability before making an offer. It can be configured to block quotes if the requested quantity exceeds available stock

It prevents the scenario where a sales rep might inadvertently promise a product that isn’t in stock, thus avoiding potential customer service issues and enhancing the reliability of sales commitments

quote stock control


Onpipeline facilitates quick and manual stock entries while also supporting stock updates via API. This capability provides an automated approach to updating inventory, enabling seamless integration with other systems and tools.

Sales made through Onpipeline are automatically recorded, but you can also manually enter sales made externally to update stock levels. This flexibility ensures that your inventory is always accurately reflected in the system, regardless of where the sale occurs.

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