CRM for Sales

The CRM preferred by sales teams to close more deals. 

Both sales representatives and sales managers will benefit from using Onpipeline as a sales CRM. 

Customer and deal information is under control, and an easy-to-use and professional quote system also offers the ability to collect electronic signatures for order confirmation.

You can use Onpipeline for a small monthly fee, which varies depending on the plan. This cost is an investment that you will quickly recover through increased efficiency and boosted sales.

Sales Pipelines


When a contact demonstrates potential, a deal is initiated. Each deal is assigned to a stage that corresponds to its current progress within the sales process. 

A comprehensive history for each deal can be maintained by documenting notes, uploading files, storing emails, creating quotes, and more, ensuring thorough management and organization.

All pertinent information is readily accessible and systematically arranged within the system, enabling efficient tracking and management of sales activities.


Onpipeline’s quote management feature streamlines the creation and customization of sales quotes, enabling you to tailor them to meet each client’s specific needs with ease.

The sales CRM platform facilitates quick modifications to templates and styles, supports multiple currencies for global transactions, and simplifies the approval process to ensure all quotes meet standards before being sent.

This tool not only accelerates the sales cycle but also ensures professionalism and consistency in customer interactions.

Quote Management
CRM Reporting


Sales reps can monitor their results while managers can evaluate their team’s performance.

You can examine deals and activities over time or zoom in on specific data points. Generate charts to pinpoint which team members drive the most revenue. By analyzing sales KPIs, businesses can spot trends, identify areas for improvement, and align their sales strategies. Key metrics include:

Pipeline Value
Sales Velocity
Average Deal Size
Win Rate 

CRM Calendar & Sales Activities

Sales Activities

Planning is necessary, particularly in sales. Onpipeline helps you organize sales activities such as tasks, calls, emails, meetings, and deadlines, linking them to deals and contacts. 

Custom activities can also be created to tailor the CRM to fit your business specifically.

Also, your contacts can receive automated reminders via email or text message (SMS). These reminders can be personalized with details such as time, date, and location.

Online Appointment Booking

Save time with our online appointment booking software, which is quicker than using phone or email. Simply set your availability, and clients can book appointments on your online page 24/7.

This tool simplifies the booking process for customers with just a few clicks. It also streamlines appointment management for staff, freeing up their time for other tasks.

Moreover, it offers customers a convenient way to view their appointments and make any necessary changes.

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