Recurring revenue & subscription management

Recurring revenue is the result of ongoing relationships and repeat purchases. It’s where you acquire new customers, and they continue to pay you every month, week, quarter, or year. 

With Onpipeline’s Recurring Revenue Management, you can track your business’s growth, analyzing how it evolves month by month or period to period.

Customizable Subscriptions

Imagine a scenario where your plan doesn’t follow a monthly interval and includes payments of varying amounts. With Onpipeline, you can create additional payments to tailor your recurring revenue model to your business’s specific requirements. 

Setting up a Subscription

Simply click on the “Subscription” button within the deal. A window will appear, allowing you to provide the following details:

Recurring Amount:
Specify the value of each recurring payment.

Add a brief description of your subscription.

Number of Payments:
Decide on the total number of payment cycles (with the option for infinite payments).

Choose the time span between each cycle (monthly, weekly, quarterly, or yearly).

Start Date:
Set the beginning date of the subscription.

Managing Subscriptions

Stopping or editing a subscription is hassle-free with Onpipeline CRM. 

If your client wishes to modify their subscription, you can make the adjustments effortlessly within the platform.

To halt a recurring revenue stream, click on the “Stop” button and select the last payment. Any payments scheduled after this date will be removed. 

Disabling Subscriptions Account-Wide

If you ever need to disable the subscription module for your entire account, Onpipeline offers this flexibility through your account settings.

BIlling integration

Subscriptions within Onpipeline offer a synergy with our invoicing capabilities. This means that you can trigger the creation of invoices when it’s time for renewals.

Connect recurring revenues directly to your deals. Everything happens automatically, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

Reports for Analysis

Our Subscriptions report provides you with a comprehensive overview of your recurring revenue’s performance.

You can filter the report based on various criteria, such as pipeline, team, or sales representative, and select a specific time frame. The following report categories are available:

Active Subscriptions: See the recurring revenue and the number of active subscriptions for the selected time frame.

New Subscriptions: Gain insights into subscriptions activated within the specified time frame.

Ended Subscriptions: Review subscriptions that have been canceled or ended.

Who uses recurring revenues?

Recurring revenue models are employed by a wide array of businesses, each tailored to their specific industries and customer needs.

Insurance companies, utilities, web hosting service providers, robo-advisors, and investment platforms have all embraced recurring revenue models in various forms to cater to the specific needs of their respective markets.

In the e-commerce sector, Amazon Prime is a notable example, offering subscribers an array of benefits, including free shipping and access to streaming services, all bundled under an annual membership fee.

These diverse examples illustrate the adaptability and ubiquity of recurring revenue models across industries, enriching business sustainability and enhancing customer engagement.

Take control of your revenue streams and enjoy a predictable business model

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