Online Appointment Booking & CRM

Save time spent on making appointments over phone and emails with our online appointment booking software.

Simply define your availability and have clients making bookings 24/7. You just need to define your availability on your online booking page

This involves setting the times and days that you are available to take bookings, as well as any time-off or holiday periods. Clients will be able to book appointments and services at any time, from anywhere. 

Update your CRM

Keep track of your appointments and plan for follow-up using your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system without needing to integrate any additional software or programs. 

Your CRM system will store all of your appointments, tasks, and follow-up activities and provide you with the necessary information to keep your business running smoothly. You will be able to easily access and update your records, so that you can stay on top of all of your appointment and follow-up activities.

Calendar Sync

Our tool ensures that when you book times on your work calendar, the availability of those times is automatically adjusted to avoid any double bookings. 

Our booking software is designed to make it easy to identify any potential scheduling conflicts that may arise, and to help you resolve them quickly and easily.

You can easily adjust or rearrange schedules to ensure that the conflict is resolved.  This may involve changing the start and end times of the events or finding an alternate date or location for the activities.

Custom Booking Forms

You can build custom booking forms that collect the information you need from your clients before they arrive for their appointment. A client profile is automatically created and all the information collected from the booking form is saved in the  appointment details in your CRM account. 

This allows you to easily access and manage all the necessary information for your clients, including their contact details, appointment details, and any other information that is required.

It is possible to use a simplified form with only the essential data points required for the type of event you are planning. However, if you feel it necessary to capture more information, you can add additional questions to your form. These questions can be tailored to the specific event you are planning, reflecting the particular information you feel is important to have.

Share your booking page

You can share a link to your booking page in the footer of your email or even add the calendar your website

This will allow your customers to quickly and easily access the booking page, helping to increase the number of bookings. You can also add the link to your social media channels to help spread the word  and drive more bookings.

Notifications & management

Automatic email notifications will help both you and your customers stay up to date on the status of the appointment. You and your customers will be able to reschedule or cancel the appointment. 

As soon as the customer takes any action, you will be notified in real time and your schedule will be adjusted accordingly to ensure that all appointments are handled properly.

 Included in any plan!
We also support Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.

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Look no further than Onpipeline – the online appointment booking software that makes it easy to book, track and manage appointments. Onpipeline is designed to help businesses and professionals streamline the appointment booking process. It helps users to save time by eliminating the need to manually book and manage appointments. 

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Onpipeline™ is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed for sales teams, small businesses, and freelancers. It allows businesses to manage their sales processes, track leads, and improve customer relationships. Should you have any questions about features, pricing or anything else, please contact us.

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