Best CRM Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining Patients

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To acquire patients, you need to deliver timely and personalized experiences across a multitude of channels.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is important for the doctor-patient relationship, even though patients aren’t traditionally considered customers. With a CRM system you can track each patient’s journey from first contact to treatment.

Many practices limit themselves by only using hospital information systems, which lack CRM functionality. Installing two separate apps is not effective. Splitting the two sources of data just creates a mess.

Investing in a healthcare or medical CRM system helps you to quickly track your patient’s medical, financial, and behavioral history, which you can use to personalize communications, enhance customer service, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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We’ve been telling our healthcare clients for years that local SEO is an essential component of patient acquisition. People tend to follow up and introduce themselves in person when they search for local businesses.

If you’re not optimizing your online presence for local search, you’re missing out on opportunities to attract new patients.

In short, by optimizing your content, business listings, and overall digital presence for one or more local markets, you can ensure you reach them.

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Acquiring Patients on your website

First of all, your website is the center of your online patient acquisition strategy. It is a great opportunity to make things easy for your potential patients.

The goal of all strategies is to generate more appointments. Some patients will call, while others will fill out a form on your website.

Look at the data on who is visiting your site and what they are trying to do. Use this information to find ways to make your website experience better.

The best part of Facebook is the ability to interact with and listen to your audience. Many healthcare companies publish educational videos, Facebook Live, testimonials, and other resources.

In conclusion, this type of presence can increase visibility and audience and even generate leads.

Loyalty is not easy

With the ever-changing healthcare world, companies need to focus a lot on acquisition but also on patient loyalty to achieve a significant growth.

Moreover, patients nowadays have many health options on the market to choose from and do not hesitate to shop around, compare services, prices, etc..

Here are some activities to help you use multi-channel campaigns, build strong relationships, and build patient loyalty.

Organize your data into a healthcare CRM: consolidate your data in one place and start establishing a central database for all information relating to customers and patients.

Identify customers: using a Medical CRM for sales, healthcare professionals can use marketing techniques to identify the right patients to propose services in up-selling and cross-selling.

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As the health market is focused on the final consumer, you must optimize efforts. Personalized interactions improve patient satisfaction, foster loyalty, and prevent shifting to competitors.


Check out these tricks to customize interactions.

  • Simple and efficient experiences: Consolidate all communication with patients and ensure you develop coordinated communication.
  • Automate processes where possible to save time before and after appointments. Maintain clear and consistent communication with all patients.
  • Resolve requests quickly: remember that your staff must also be prepared on all aspects that involve your structure, therefore general information, technical aspects, changes in schedules and specifications on certain services.
  • Understanding: try to understand your patients’ needs and collect data on things like average response speed and average waiting time to see where you can improve and create more engagement.

Ask for feedback

The last – and perhaps the most important – strategy to build customer loyalty is to listen. Manage patient feedback to gain an understanding of how they feel about your healthcare organization on an individual or group level.

What is HIPAA compliant CRM?


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