How a Sales CRM affects your bottom line

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How a Sales CRM affects your bottom line
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Are you still unsure about investing in CRM software? Can sales CRM impact your bottom line positively? Did you know that companies that use a CRM meet their quota three times more than companies that don't?

Unfortunately, too many business owners fear they can’t afford to purchase a quality customer relationship management software program. 

But when you see statistics like that you realize you can’t afford to not use a sales CRM system. Don’t worry if you’re not sure if a CRM is right for you or how to use one because you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn all your need to know about how a CRM can improve your sales today. 

Why your Team needs a Sales CRM

Your sales team can greatly benefit from using a centralized database for your customer management. From saving contact information to sales history, when you have everything you need in one location you can streamline your workflows and never miss a sales opportunity again. 

  • Improved workflow efficiencies
  • Reports to track progress
  • Safe and secure storage and backup
  • Improve customer satisfaction

When you streamline and automate your customer information management you can then begin to focus your activity where it matters. This will allow you to increase your ROI and grow your business at scale. 

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How to effectively use CRM

As you can see, by using a CRM you can personalize your sales process, improve customer satisfaction, and increase retention rates. But you will only be as successful as your team’s ability to use your CRM software. You must know how to effectively use your CRM so that your team and get the most out of it and increase their sales. 

With the right program, you can effectively manage, organize, and track your contacts, prospects, and customers. The right system is key to being able to scale your business and grow your bottom line. When you have the right steps to follow you and your team will be able to get the most out of your new CRM program. 

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Map out your Sales Pipeline

The first step to boosting sales is to know where they’re coming from. Where do you get the most referrals from or where does the majority of your website traffic come from? 

Once you know this information track the journey an average customer takes from discovery to purchase. This is also known as the customer journey and is incredibly helpful so you know where to focus your efforts. More than likely you already have this information, but you might not have it in a single logical format. 

By taking the time to write it out you will streamline the workflow for your staff and improve consistency across your customer’s experience with your brand. 

Understand Your Customer

As you map out your sale pipeline, begin to also outline your ideal customer. When you create your marketing and sales content you need to know exactly who you’re talking to. You need to know and understand your customer better than they know themselves. 

The information you can gather from your CRM is only as good as how effectively you put it to use. And when you understand your customer, as well as the journey they follow, then you can begin to see where each person in your database stands. 

You can then send targeted information to those who are warm, qualified leads as well as follow up with previous customers on a set timeline. 

How your Team will use a CRM

Too many businesses purchase a CRM and then expect their team to know how to effectively use it. Unfortunately, without the first two steps, too many software programs sit on too many computers gathering virtual dust. 

Don’t let that happen for your team. Instead, take the time to show your team how they can best use your new software to improve their sales process and ultimately their sales. 

When your team can pair the information from the first two steps with their new program, you’ll see improved customer relationships and engagement. A quality CRM will give you the ability to personalize and track every prospect and customer throughout their customer journey. This will ensure that you never miss a sales opportunity or let a warm lead go cold again. 

Automate Your Marketing

Once you’ve completed the first three steps, your final step is to automate everything. Your CRM is the key to making this happen. 

Your CRM program must have the capability to follow up with prospects automatically so you never lose a sale again. Did you know that many new prospects go cold within the hour?  This is why automation is vital so your CRM can send information to a new lead immediately after they visit your website and sign up for your ebook, white paper, or whatever free offer you’re using to get contact information. 

Don’t expect your sales team to follow up with each new prospect promptly. You need automation to keep your sales pipeline working around the clock. Automation is the key to scaling your sales process and increasing revenue. 

Invest in a CRM to grow your bottom line

When you invest in CRM software you get one location where you can maintain your customer information. You can also track your sales pipeline and get a visual view of where your prospects and customers are in their customer journey.

Stop using multiple programs to manage your schedule, your marketing, and your customer information. And start using a streamlined and efficient CRM program today. 

Don’t make the same mistake too many other business owners make when thinking they can’t afford a quality CRM program. The fact is you can’t afford to not invest in a customer management system. And with our convenient pricing options, you’re sure to find the right plan for your business then grow as your business grows.


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