7 Best Appointment Booking Software for Doctors

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Trying to decide on the most suitable appointment scheduling software can be overwhelming, as the current market offers a variety of choices. This guide can help you become acquainted with the different options available.

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Organizing an agenda can be a tiresome task. The top medical appointment scheduling software can make it easier.

We reviewed popular booking apps. Our goal was to identify the top seven reliable scheduling applications.

Appointment Booking Software

It provides with a comprehensive portal to book and manage appointments digitally. 

With this software, businesses can save time and resources while ensuring that their clients have a smooth appointment booking experience.

Patients now have the option to easily and conveniently book appointments at any time and from any place, rather than having to contact or visit the healthcare facility during working hours.

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1. Onpipeline 

With Onpipeline you simply define your availability and have patients  making bookings 24/7. You just need to define your availability on your online booking page. 

Keep track of your appointments and plan for follow-up using your Hipaa compliant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system without needing to integrate any additional software or programs. 

This booking software is designed to make it easy to identify any potential scheduling conflicts that may arise, and to help you resolve them quickly and easily.

Automatic notifications will help both you and your patient stay up to date on the status of the appointment. You and your patients will be able to reschedule or cancel the appointment. 

This allows you to easily access and manage all the necessary information for your clients, including their contact details, appointment details, and any other information that is required.

You can easily adjust or rearrange schedules to ensure that the conflict is resolved.  This may involve changing the start and end times of the events or finding an alternate date or location for the activities.

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 2. Doctolib

An online service which allows users to look for and book appointments with doctors near them and specialized in a certain field, both in-person and remotely. It also sends reminders to users and stores appointment records and medical documents. It also has a software for doctors to manage their appointments and work with other doctors.


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3. ZocDoc

ZocDoc is an online service that makes it easier for patients to locate health professionals near them, examine their insurance and book appointments. Additionally, medical personnel can access the scheduling software through the platform or through their own website. Moreover, with the ZocDoc Check-In feature, patients can fill out their medical forms online before their visit and save their information for later. This service is priced based on a monthly subscription.


4. DocPlanner

A platform is available online that allows patients to easily find and book appointments with their desired healthcare specialists. It also provides doctors with the resources they need to efficiently manage their patients’ appointment schedules.


5. One Medical

A business offering a comprehensive wellness and telehealth platform for staff and customers. This includes appointment booking, prescription refills via the company’s web or mobile apps, and personalized electronic medical records. Additionally, patients can fill in an online medical questionnaire and can contact doctors via email for less pressing matters. Digital healthcare services are also provided to workers for improved health management solutions.


6. Vezeeta 

This organization is creating an online system for reserving medical visits and conversing with physicians. It will also include data analysis to monitor clinic success and store patient information. The platform will also include interactive communication between doctor and patient such as SMS, alerts, and conversations pertaining to test results and medication effects.


7. HealthEngine  

This platform allows users to easily find and book appointments with a variety of healthcare professionals, such as general practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and more. Users can search for medical specialists based on location, specialty, details, and reviews. They can also create profiles and track feedback. Furthermore, doctors can use the platform to manage their appointments and engage with patients.



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