10 books that Account Managers must read and why

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Account managers ensure their clients' businesses thrive. To improve in their roles, they can read books that provide fantastic ideas. Here are 10 great books specially chosen for them, whether they're new to the job or have experience.

Each book offers a unique perspective and practical advice to enhance their effectiveness. These books share special knowledge and valuable tips, making account managers more proficient. Let’s explore these books that can empower account managers to excel.

1. The New Successful Large Account Management

“The New Successful Large Account Management” is a book for account managers. It’s written by Robert B. Miller, Stephen E. Heiman, and Tad Tuleja. The book talks about the importance of building strong, long-lasting customer relationships. They have a process called “LAMP” to help with this.

Miller and Heiman know a lot about sales and consulting. They also wrote another book called “Strategic Selling,” which influenced modern sales.

From this book, you can learn how to organize managing accounts in your company, pick the most important ones, and use the LAMP process to make more money. It’s helpful for account managers.

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2. Super Strategist: The Art and Science of Modern Account Planning

Super Strategist: The Art and Science of Modern Account Planning” is a book by Lesley Bielby that’s helpful for people in sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or have some experience. Bielby, who knows a lot about this stuff, uses real examples to make her sales advice easy to get. She talks about everything you need to know about account management, like branding, research, and understanding what the customer goes through.

In this book, you’ll find easy tips for people new to account management and good strategies for people at any level. It gives you step-by-step plans to do well with all kinds of clients and helps you learn how to do research the right way. So, if you’re starting out or trying to get better, this book has helpful ideas to help you do well in sales and account based sales.

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3. Key Account Management and Planning

“Key Account Management and Planning” is a lot like having a handy guide for taking care of your most important customers, the ones who make a big difference for your company. Noel Capon, who wrote this book, knows a ton about sales and teaching.

This book dives deep into why managing these key customers is crucial in today’s business world. It explains every part of the process, starting with how to choose the right customers and then how to create smart plans for them. Inside, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, plenty of real-world examples, and tried-and-true strategies. It’s like a treasure map for account managers who want to achieve outstanding results.

4. Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide

The book “Key Account Management” by Diana Woodburn and Malcolm McDonald is a useful guide for account managers and executives. It explains key account management in a scientific way.

The book is not for beginners and is mainly for big companies. But even account managers in smaller firms can benefit from it.

Both Woodburn and McDonald are experts in Key Account Management with lots of experience.

In this book, experienced key account managers can learn advanced strategies. It covers important activities like organizing customers, developing important skills, and making effective plans. These ideas come from the Cranfield School of Management, a trusted source.

5. The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts

Strategic accounts are super important for your business. They can make or break it. The book ‘The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts’ has some great tips to handle these accounts smarter.

The book was put together by Miller Heiman and S4 Consulting, who are experts in strategic account management.

In this book, you can learn how to get your whole company on board to help these key accounts. It also shows you how to build relationships with different people in the company, not just one person. Plus, it gives you ways to check and make things better for these important accounts.”

6. Mastering Account Management

“Mastering Account Management” is all about taking care of your current customers because they’re more likely to buy from you again. The book shows how companies can build strong relationships with their best customers, kind of like making new friends.

The author, Dan Englander, worked in sales and client service and noticed that many companies don’t do the right things to keep their best customers coming back. This book lays out a plan to help companies make their customers happy and get more business from them faster.

In this book, you can learn how top account managers make customers buy more stuff. It’s also about making customers happy for a long time. Plus, it talks about using new technology to make managing customer accounts easier.

7. How to Win Friends and Influence People

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” is one of the best self-help books ever, and it’s been helping people for a really long time. But it’s not just about helping yourself; it’s also about becoming a great leader, making friends, and talking with people effectively.

Before he wrote this book, Dale Carnegie used to teach classes about how to work well with customers and speak in public. He first wrote this book in 1936, and they’ve updated it a few times since then. It’s been so good that, in 2011, Time magazine said it’s one of the most important books ever.

In this book, you can learn how to talk with people and make them see your side of things. You can find out how to be likable, get more stuff done, be a better leader, and do well in any social situation.

8. SPIN Selling

“SPIN Selling” is a really important book for anyone in sales, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a big boss. Neil Rackham, who made the Huthwaite company, wrote it. In the book, they talk about what they found out from studying sales for 12 years and spending a million bucks.

They use the word SPIN to help you remember their method. It means Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-Payoff. The SPIN way is about asking the right questions, getting answers, and finding solutions for what a customer needs.

When you read this book, you’ll learn simple and useful ways to do the SPIN method. They also explain why the old ways of selling don’t work for big companies anymore. They show you real examples, pictures, and stories about the best sales methods today.

9. Key Strategy Tools

“Key Strategy Tools” is a book that helps sales managers with 88 important strategies to make customers happy and make the business successful for a long time. The book talks a lot about each strategy, explaining when to use them, and when to try something else instead.

Vaughan Evans wrote this book, and he’s a pro at making plans and strategies for businesses for more than 40 years.

In this book, you’ll learn 88 cool tools to do better than your competition and make smart business choices. You’ll also figure out how to make a super sales plan and manage customer accounts like a pro. They even talk about the good and bad parts of each strategy and when it’s best to use them in your plans.

10. The Modern Firm

“The Modern Firm” is a book about how businesses are doing things differently these days. They’re changing how they’re set up and how they do things, all to get better at what they do and grow.

The author, John Roberts, helps organizations understand these changes so they can stay in the game when things get tough. And what’s cool is, the things you learn from this book aren’t just good for account management but also for other stuff like managing projects.

In this book, you’ll find out how businesses are changing and why they’re doing it. You’ll get to know why organizations act the way they do, and you can use that to make your account management strategies even better.

Final Thoughts

Reading books is a great way to get better at account management. It’s easy, doesn’t cost much, and you can always go back to these books when you want to remember something important.

All the books we talked about in this article are super useful for people who really want to be great at account management. It’s a good idea to check them out and read them if you want to learn more. It’ll make you an even better account manager.

These books can teach you new ways to do things, show you what’s going on in the real world, and let you listen to experts. When you use what you learn, you’ll understand your clients better, give them what they want, and have better relationships with them. When account managers have the right knowledge, they can make their companies and customers happy. So, grab one of these books and keep on learning!

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