6 Best Quote Management Software for Small Business

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Trying to decide on the most suitable quote management software can be challenging, as the current market offers a variety of choices. This guide can help you become acquainted with the different options available.

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Managing quotes without the aid of specialized software can present many challenges. Doing tasks manually takes longer and increases errors when handling different files. It’s hard to keep up with every quote, which can result in missed follow-ups or deadlines.

What is Quote Management?

Quote management, also known as Quotation Management, is a business process. It involves creating, handling, and tracking quotes given to customers. In B2B transactions, custom pricing configurations are common, making it a critical part of the sales cycle.

Quotation software helps businesses provide accurate pricing information to customers. It also streamlines the sales process, increases customer satisfaction, and improves sales efficiency. Digital tools and software have made quote management more advanced. This allows for better automation, customization, and tracking.

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1. Onpipeline 

With Onpipeline you can make PDFs with your company’s style and colors. You can also create a new template for each team and use different headers and addresses. You can even translate the templates into any language.

Price quotes may be subject to team leaders or administrators approval. Whether you want your offers auto-approved or not is up to you. Offers will remain in draft form until approved by the manager.

Sales reps can add items from a ready-made price list to their offer. They can also create custom items, without needing to access the price list. This makes creating offers easier and more efficient, saving businesses time and money.

Also, revisions help the salesperson adapt to client requests and negotiate smoothly. Each saved quote creates a new version that can be consulted. For each deal, the history with previous quotes is always visible. Onpipeline Quote Management

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 2. DocSend

DocSend is an innovative content management and tracking platform designed to boost the efficiency of sales and marketing teams. With its capabilities, you can gain insights into when, where, and how your sales documents are being interacted with, enabling you to maintain momentum in your communications, from the initial proposal right through to the finalization of deals.

This tool offers real-time notifications when a prospect engages with your material, allowing for immediate and pertinent follow-up. Gain a deeper understanding of your prospects’ interests through detailed, page-by-page analytics of your presentations and other materials, helping you to tailor your approach based on their specific needs and respons


3. Nusii

Nusii is an online quoting software made for creative businesses. It has all the tools needed to quickly create and send beautiful proposals.

Once you send your proposal with Nusii, the software monitors it all the time. You’ll receive an instant notification as soon as your client views the proposal, ensuring you’re always informed and can respond promptly to client interactions.


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4. Loopio

Loopio is a software that helps sales, marketing, and proposal teams work more efficiently. This tool aids in organizing company knowledge and facilitates collaboration on client inquiries.

It enables you to create a detailed ‘request for proposal’ (RFP) response library where you can tag and categorize your content. You can use Loopio’s automation engine to fill in parts of a new proposal. 


5. Bidsketch

Bidsketch is a quoting software for freelancers and consultants. It makes it easier to create and track professional client proposals.

This tool has a cool feature. It lets clients make their own landing pages. They can see, approve, export, and comment on proposals. This functionality elevates the professional image of its users and streamlines client interactions.


6. Quoter

Quoter makes sales quoting easier by putting all your product and quotation information in one place.

It is proud of its world-class data center. Their software is always fast, reliable, and secure. This robust infrastructure ensures that your sales quoting process is not only efficient but also backed by high-performance technology.



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