IP Restriction: Additional security!

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Users will only be able to log in from the IP addresses listed. ​Users will not be able to access from any IP that is not listed.

IP Restriction now allows organizations to limit access of their business data to registered IP addresses. 

Any user attempting to log in with an IP address that does not match an address on the list will receive an error. You may allow access only from a specific location like your Office, a VPN, etc.

IP restriction can be used for:

  • Limiting access to your content when employees are for example on public WiFi networks
  • Stopping unauthorised people from accessing data even if they obtained an employee password

Info: https://support.onpipeline.com/article/ip-restriction/

The security of your data is core to our processes and everything we do: https://www.onpipeline.com/security/ 

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