Managing Remote Sales Team

Many companies today are implementing remote work policies. But even when remote work is possible managing a remote sales team is a daily challenge!

With remote work you have to develop communication skills and methods. Remote workers are the first to admit how difficult can be communicating with colleagues they’ve never even met. These same people will probably say this as an excuse develop new skills.

Flexible working hours means more room personal life. However, if a remote worker doesn’t clearly define hours, flexibility can quickly generate to stress. Maintaining consistent working hours can make your success with remote workers. 

Effective Team Leaders proactively communicate with their (remote) staff. Weekly one-on-one meetings and daily meetings are important for sales reps  to feel valued and motivated.

Companies can keep sales teams motivated and performing by leveraging a CRM to its full capabilities. Without an office workers need information that is easily accessible from anywhere. No matter if you use a single centralized tool as long as each system, especially in sales, is effective and easy to use.

Onpipeline ensures that your sales reps stay productive wherever they are. They always see what they should to do. Don’t forget to communicate any change or update through Inbox, add comments or notes. No matter where you’re working from!

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