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What does B2B mean?

B2B, or business-to-business, pertains to companies that primarily offer products or services to other businesses, as opposed to consumers (known as B2C, or business-to-consumer). Regardless of the target audience, all customers seek an enhanced customer experience.

Since B2B transactions typically involve higher values than B2C, B2B enterprises are striving to enhance the B2B customer experience through customer-centric sales approaches. From B2B lead generation to comprehending the buyer journey, a sales CRM system aids in maintaining a dependable business database, streamlining operations, and fostering customer relationships.

Make prospects ready to buy

A sales pipeline will help you visualize your sales process. In other words, it will show where your deals are!

A visual sales pipeline makes goals easier to achieve by breaking any process down into trackable tasks and it can make the difference in your bottom line.

Your sales teams have a complete view of your customers with a single sales and service solution, that integrates with your internal systems.

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Activity Management

You can schedule tasks, calls, emails, meetings, and deadlines, linking them to deals and contacts, and customize activities to align with your business needs!

Automated reminders can be sent to your contacts via email or SMS, tailored to include specific details like time, date, and location.

Optionally, sync with your Gmail or Outlook calendars in a two-way replication.

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Forecast your Sales

Perhaps the most important feature you should look for is the ability to help forecast sales for the upcoming month and year.

Basically, with Sales & Forecasts by Product of our CRM for Wholesalers and Distributors you can view your sales (won deals) based on the products you sold and the products added to your “quotes”, based on expected closing date. 

Also, Sales forecasts are also a very important tool for provisioning.

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Quote Management

Professional sales quotes can be easily created from deals in 2 minutes, an you have the option to export as a PDF or send the offer from your email address.

Moreover, your quote template can be customized (and translated in any language) for each team, and you will use your own predefined pricebook.

New quotes can be subject to team leader/admin approval before the team members can send them to the customer. 

Also, you can generate an unlimited number of quote revisions for each deal and access them from one central screen (quote history).

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Fully integrated invoicing software. Create multilingual and multicurrency Invoices (or Credit Notes) and send them directly to your clients in just a click.

You can send custom reminders or overdue notices, register payments and, most important, automatically turn Quotes or Subscriptions into Invoices. Use the status overview to keep track of drafts, paid and unpaid invoices. You can also create different businesses with different templates.

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Save time with Automations

Automate and simplify processes across front and back-office. In a nutshell, you can save time on recurring tasks like manually sending emails or creating follow-up activities. 

For example, you will be able to send an email when a new contact is added, create an event when the deal is moved into a specific stage, automatically reassign a deal to another owner based on certain conditions, etc.

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Understanding the Unique Needs of B2B Sales

In B2B sales, patience is indeed a virtue, and it’s imperative not to miss critical steps along the way. The sales cycle for B2B transactions tends to be longer due to the complexity of the products or services involved, as well as the need to align with the purchasing organization’s objectives and procedures. Sales teams must be prepared for a more extended period of nurturing and relationship-building before closing deals. 

Sales Pipeline and Activity Management

A structured sales pipeline helps organizations visualize and manage every stage of the sales process. It provides clarity on where each prospective deal stands, helping sales teams prioritize their efforts. By tracking deals through various pipeline stages, you can ensure that no important steps are overlooked.

Customization and Personalization

B2B customers expect a high degree of customization and personalization. They often require tailored solutions that align with their specific business needs. Sales representatives must possess a deep understanding of the customer’s industry, challenges, and goals to provide the level of customization required to succeed in B2B sales.


Multi-Decision Maker Environments

In B2B sales, decisions are rarely made by a single individual. Instead, there are usually multiple stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. Onpipeline’s deal management system, can store information about all stakeholders on one page, ensuring that you have a comprehensive view of the decision-making landscape.

Relationship Building

Relationships are the lifeblood of B2B sales. Establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with clients is paramount. Unlike B2C sales, where one-off transactions are common, B2B sales often involve ongoing partnerships. Building trust and delivering consistent value are key to retaining B2B clients.

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