CRM with Invoicing.
Multilingual and multi-currency.

Included at no additional cost!

Onpipeline is a CRM with online invoicing software that allows you to create beautiful and comprehensive invoices.

Fully-customizable templates to add your logo, personal messages, layout and a colour scheme specific to your business

  • Send invoices and reminders
  • Turn quotes and subscriptions into invoices
  • Multilingual and multi-currency
  • Multiple businesses
  • Discounts at item level
  • Only predefined users can access invoices

Send Invoices and Reminders

You can easily send invoices and payment reminders in one click. With just one click, a message addressed to the customer’s email will be generated, with the pdf invoice attached.

The template of all emails can be customized (for each language) and can also be changed on the fly before sending the message.

Quotes and Subscriptions 

Turn quotes and subscriptions into invoices

If you use the Onpipeline quote manager, once you have won the deal, you can generate the invoice by automatically extracting the contents of your offer with just one click. An important time saver that also avoids human errors.

If you use subscriptions, you can optionally configure Onpipeline to automatically generate an invoice or draft on the renewal date and, if you wish, send it to the customer via email.

Multilingual and multi-currency

If your business is international you can take full advantage of the features we offer.

You can invoice in the currency of your choice with our built-in currency converter. You can also send invoices in different languages according to the customer, choosing among the supported languages but also adding additional languages if necessary.

Multiple businesses

If you need to invoice from different companies you can do it within the same account by creating a template / business for each company that has to issue invoices.

Each business has a customizable template that can be associated with both customers and invoices, and has dedicated numbering. Furthermore, every business can send emails from a different sender and email address.

3 reasons to consider
a CRM with Invoicing

1. Data in One Place

Once you win a deal, immediately send an invoice directly from the CRM without other communication methods.

2. Analytics

When you send invoices through your CRM, you can immediately know how many of your sales in the pipeline pay.

3. Save Time

Prospects don’t get invoices, they get quotes. Consider a CRM that turns a quote into an invoice with one click.

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Onpipeline™ is a cloud-based CRM that helps companies improve customer relationships. Sales teams can easily manage contacts, deals, activities, automations, and the entire sales process from anywhere. Should you have any questions about features, pricing or anything else, please contact us.

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