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What is a Webhook?

For every event that takes place on your CRM, you’ll receive a notification through something called an HTTP POST request. This request is like a message sent to a special address that you’ve chosen. 

It’s a bit like someone sending you a note whenever something happens. This note goes directly to the place you’ve told it to, and it’s a way for different parts of the internet to talk to each other. So, whenever an event occurs, this request is sent to a specific location you’ve set up, letting you know what’s going on in real-time.

How to create a webhook

Administrators have the ability to set up webhooks conveniently using the settings area. All you need to do is save the Endpoint URL, which is like the special spot on your server that receives the messages (HTTP POSTS). You decide where the important updates should go! This way, you can make sure that the right information gets to the right place without any hassle.

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