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What is Enterprise CRM?

Enterprise CRMs are tailored for large organizations with extensive customer bases and complex operations. They provide greater customization, scalability, and advanced features, making them suitable for managing the diverse demands of large companies. 

While SME CRMs are typically cloud-based, some large corporations with stringent regulatory policies – e.g. in industries like banking and finance –  prefer on-premises CRMs to meet specific security and compliance requirements. 

Complex Sales Process

If your company needs to observe specific strategies / tasks, you can set a workflow/checklists that needs to be followed within the stages of your pipelines.

This tool ensures that all clients are handled to the same corporate standard and will help the Team Leader check if the processes are being followed. Clear and efficient steps in your business will help you improve performance and increase sales.

Team Collaboration

Large teams will find that sharing information improve the quality of their work and improve results.

Supervise and motivate – Managers need to provide staff members with clear direction and the necessary motivation to help them succeed.

  • Collaboration throughout the sales cycle
  • Unlimited Teams and Leaders
  • Effective team and cross-team collaboration
  • Keep your team informed, instantly
  • Team leader supervision and training
  • Team Emails

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Prospects ready to buy

Team based Sales Pipelines will help visualize the process and will show you where your opportunities are. Each stage brings qualified leads to the next phase, keeping in the previous stage those who have not passed the process.

As a result of having a single sales and service solution that integrates with your internal systems, your staff will be able to have a comprehensive, holistic view of your customers. 

This solution will provide your teams with a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ wants, needs, and preferences.

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Highest security standards

We adhere to the high security standards when it comes to Privacy & Security. Our stringent security policy is designed to uphold the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the CRM data we store. We are committed to equipping every member of our team with top-tier tools and best practices.

We continually explore and implement new technologies to enhance the security of our customers’ data, ensuring its protection remains our utmost priority.”

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Schedule & track Activities

Planning is a must, especially is sales CRM. You can plan tasks, calls, emails meetings and deadlines, and link them to deals and contacts. In addition, you can create custom activities to make the CRM more specific to your business.

Your contact can receive an automated reminder via email or text message (SMS). You can also customize the reminders to include any information you would like, such as time, date, location, etc. 

Also, you may optionally sync – in a 2-way replication – with your existing Gmail or Outlook calendars.

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Lead Management

Lead management is essential for any Enterprise that wants to be successful. Every lead needs to be treated carefully in order to convert prospects into customers.

In this phase an evaluation is performed by a staff member to decide whether to import the contact, create the deal, and which sales rep to assign the new deal to. 

You can also use automations to create a deal when a person is created and assign it to a sales rep based on certain conditions.

With our Lead Management tool you will easily capture leads using almost any form, our integrated web forms or APIs. Also, you can track lead sources.

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Online Appointment Booking

Save time spent on making appointments over phone and emails with our online appointment booking software.

Salespeople can establish their availability and allow customers to make appointments at any time of day or night by utilizing their online booking page.

Customers can receive an automated reminder via email or text message (SMS). You can also customize the reminders to include any information you would like, such as time, date, location, etc. 

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Sales Goals

Great CRM tool for any Enterprise. Assign sales goals to reps or teams for a time period. You can set unlimited goals on the same period and filter your goals by pipeline or deal category.

You may select a specific pipeline and this goal will be calculated on the deals that were saved in that pipeline, but it could also be a goal including all the pipelines. This is useful if you have the same users working on multiple pipelines. 

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External data sync – API

It’s easy to sync your Enterprise CRM data with external applications and databases in real time and have all the details you need within Onpipeline, thanks to our API. For example, any ERP information, or any relevant data during the sales process may be available within the contact and deal information.

Our API is very simple to use even for a mid-level developer. For any technical needs or information, please know our team is available to provide support.

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Onpipeline™ is a cloud-based Sales CRM. You can manage leads, customers, deals, activities, and the entire sales process from anywhere.

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