CRM for Sales Teams

Onpipeline Sales CRM helps people and departments work together and close deals more efficiently.

Both small and large sales teams will find that sharing information improve the quality of their work and improve results. Onpipeline CRM is organized into Teams and you can create unlimited Teams.

Main Features:

  • Collaboration throughout the sales cycle
  • Unlimited Teams and Team Leaders
  • Effective team and cross-team collaboration
  • Keep your team informed, instantly
  • Team leader supervision and training

Team Leaders to supervise and motivate

Leaders need to give reps direction and motivation to increase their bottom line and forge a successful team. A Team Leader will automatically have access to any information related to the users within the Team, supervise activities and train new members. Team Leaders can also view and edit members calendars. Leaders can assign activities that users will find in their calendar.

Information is vital

The importance of sharing customer information is vital in any business where there are multiple people working on the same accounts and having contact with customers. For example, when the sales process involves several roles in the company. Centralizing customer information and being able to record activities, notes, comments, emails, calls, and documents can make a difference in customer management.

Shared Sales Pipelines

Sales pipelines can be reserved for a specific team or shared within the company. Sharing a Pipeline allows you to assign the deal to a different owner according to the stage in which it is located. Having access to the same pipeline allows admins,  team leaders or users with whom the deal has been shared to make predictions, understand workloads and other key factors.

Activity planning

An activity planner for each user  (calendar), integrated and linked to customers and deals, helps not only the sales rep but also administrators and team leaders to organize their work and reallocate or assign activities to team members. It will no longer be necessary for the team leader to ask for activity or progress reports because he/she will be able to retrieve the information through the CRM.

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Onpipeline™ is a cloud-based CRM that helps companies improve customer relationships and never miss business opportunities. Sales teams can easily setup and manage contacts, deals, activities, automations, and the entire sales process from anywhere.

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