CRM for Financial Services


Quick access to crucial client information. Learn your customer’s needs and grow your business faster with one of the best CRM software for financial services.

Capture key data

With a CRM for Financial Services you can grow revenues by building greater efficiency in every stage of the sales process and customer lifecycle. Find opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell your financial products.

Our easy to use CRM includes the option to add custom fields to any record. Customise Your CRM for: Assets, KYC data, Commissions, etc. You can also store your KYC documents directly in the client’s record. 

Make prospects ready to buy

A sales pipeline will help you visualize your sales process and will show you where your deals are. Each stage brings qualified leads to the next phase, keeping in the previous stage those who have not passed the process.

The visual pipeline in the CRM makes goals easier to achieve by breaking any process down into trackable tasks. It can make the difference in your bottom line. 

CRM for Financial Services helps your sales teams have a complete view of your customers with a single sales and service solution, that integrates with your internal systems.    

Generate new Leads

Capture new leads directly from your website or 3rd parties (agents) into your CRM, automatically create tasks to follow up, send welcome emails, etc. 

You can create unlimited Web Forms to collect new Leads. You may use your company logo, colors and styling options to match your branding. 

With Onpipeline CRM for Financial Services you can also receive new leads by integrating external systems via API, the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

Save time with Automations

Automate and simplify processes across front and back-office. You can save time on recurring tasks like manually sending emails or creating follow-up activities. 

You will be able to send an email when a new contact is added, create an event when the deal is moved into a specific stage, automatically reassign a deal to another owner based on certain conditions, etc.

Onpipeline™ is a cloud-based CRM that helps companies improve customer relationships and never miss business opportunities. Sales teams can easily setup and manage contacts, deals, activities, automations, and the entire sales process from anywhere.

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