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Zoho CRM vs. Onpipeline

Comparing Zoho CRM and Onpipeline involves contrasting two distinct CRM platforms, each with its unique strengths and focus areas. Zoho CRM is a well-established, versatile CRM tool offering a broad range of features, while Onpipeline is a specialized CRM tool with a focus on sales and marketing processes.


Zoho CRM offers a comprehensive and scalable solution suitable for various CRM needs, whereas Onpipeline provides targeted functionalities for sales and marketing. Depending on the specific needs of a business either Zoho CRM or Onpipeline could be a suitable choice. Combining both can offer a solution that leverages the strengths of each platform.

The following content will explain why we believe Onpipeline is a superior choice to Zoho CRM for CRM and Sales.

CRM software is key for managing customer data, making sales smoother, and improving marketing. It organizes customer details, helps in sales and marketing, and analyzes business data. 


CRM tool focused on organizing data, overseeing leads, managing deals and the entire sales process, tracking activities, reporting, and producing. It centralizes contacts, streamlines communication, and provides robust tools for lead management, appointment booking, sales quotes, and invoices.


  • Centralizes customer interactions
  • Simplifies the sales process with quote and invoice management
  • Offers robust lead management tools
  • Integrates with Gmail or Outlook for syncing activities


  • Customer support tools (ticketing) not included


Zoho is a comprehensive CRM known for its versatility and wide range of features. It integrates well with other Zoho products, offering a holistic approach to CRM that covers sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions. 


  • Extensive feature set covering various aspects of CRM
  • Strong integration capabilities with other Zoho products
  • Customizable to suit different business needs


  • Learning curve
  • Many user Limits
  • Many extra costs – It may become expensive

Zoho + Onpipeline

When used together, Zoho CRM and Onpipeline can complement each other effectively. Zoho CRM’s broad feature set and scalability can manage diverse CRM needs, while Onpipeline’s focus on sales and marketing can intensify efforts in these specific areas. 

The combination can offer a robust solution for managing customer relationships and driving sales efficiently.

The right Tool

Think about your business’s needs:

a) Zoho if you look for complex solutions;

b) Choose Onpipeline for sales and CRM;

c) Combine both. 

Sales Process

A sales pipeline will help you visualize your sales process. In other words, it will show where your deals are!

A visual sales pipeline helps you achieve goals by breaking processes into trackable tasks. It can improve your bottom line!

Your sales teams can see all customers using one solution that works.

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Team Collaboration

Both small and medium businesses will find that sharing information improve the quality of their work and improve results.

  • Collaboration throughout the sales cycle
  • Unlimited Teams and Team Leaders
  • Effective team and cross-team collaboration
  • Keep your team informed, instantly
  • Team leader supervision and training
  • Team Emails

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Why choose Onpipeline

  • Onpipeline is a CRM built for your sales teams.
  • It’s an all-in-one platform for sales.
  • It has been built to handle a high volume of leads.

Why choose Zoho

  • You look for an generic and holistic CRM.
  • Your are not focused on sales.
  • You don’t have a sales team doing a lot of activities.

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