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Hubspot vs. Onpipeline

Revolutionize your sales process with a CRM designed for peak sales performance. Onpipeline makes it easy and cheap to manage leads and close deals so you don’t miss any chances. 

The interface is easy to use. It helps track tasks and works well with email. It is powerful and simple for sales teams. In addition, Onpipeline has special features such as a quote manager and invoicing software. 


HubSpot and Onpipeline each have their strengths. Your choice should match your business needs and financial capacity. Whether you choose one or both, the right CRM strategy can greatly help your business’s growth.

HubSpot Sales has extra fees for setup and third-party apps. On the Enterprise plan, you’re required to pay for a minimum of 10 users, leading to an annual cost of $20,000 or more.

The following content will explain why we believe Onpipeline is a superior choice to Hubspot in its value and pricing structure.

CRM software is key for managing customer data, making sales smoother, and improving marketing. It organizes customer details, helps in sales, runs marketing, supports customers, and analyzes business data.


Focused on sales and budget-friendly options


  • Cost-Effective: Great for small businesses and big teams.
  • Sales-Driven: Has tools for improving sales.
  • Easy Email Management: Simplifies handling emails.
  • Sales-Friendly Interface: Designed for sales teams.
  • Special Sales Tools: Includes quoting and invoicing features.


  • Less for Marketing and Service
  • Not as many app connections as Hubspot


Featured for marketing and support


  • Offers marketing, sales, and service tools.
  • Scalable: Fits any business size.
  • Strong in Marketing: Good for running campaigns.
  • Provides useful business reports.
  • Integrates Well: Connects with various apps.


  • Higher Cost: Might be expensive for smaller teams.
  • Learning Curve: Lots to learn due to its range of features.

Combining HubSpot and Onpipeline

Using HubSpot and Onpipeline together can be beneficial. HubSpot is great for its marketing and customer service capabilities. Onpipeline shines in streamlining sales. By connecting them using APIs, you can make the most of both. This lets you share data easily and optimize both marketing and sales.

Choosing the Right CRM

Think about your business’s needs and budget:

  1. Pick HubSpot for a full-featured CRM with marketing strength.
  2. Choose Onpipeline for a sales-focused, budget-friendly option.
  3. Combine Both to use HubSpot’s marketing tools and Onpipeline’s sales features together. 

Make prospects ready to buy

A sales pipeline will help you visualize your sales process. In other words, it will show where your deals are!

A visual sales pipeline helps you achieve goals by breaking processes into trackable tasks. It can improve your bottom line!

Your sales teams can see all customers using one solution that works.

Explore all features

Why choose Onpipeline

  • Onpipeline is a CRM built for your sales team’s productivity.
  • It’s an “all in one” platform for sales tools.
  • It has been built to handle a high volume of leads.

Why choose Hubspot

  • Your sales are closed without needing an individual salesperson.
  • You don’t have a dedicated sales team doing a high quantity of activities.
  • You need marketing platform and only a bit of sales.

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