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Close CRM vs. Onpipeline

When comparing Close and Onpipeline, it’s important to distinguish between their focuses within the CRM industry. Close is a CRM platform known for its strong sales communication features (calls), while Onpipeline emphasizes sales process management and customer relationship tracking.


Close excels with its integrated tools for call centers. Onpipeline, on the other hand, stands out for its ability to organize and manage customer data and sales processes (centralized customer data management, sales process optimization, lead management, etc.). While each has its distinct advantages, their combination could offer a more holistic approach to CRM, addressing both communication and operational needs effectively. 

The following content will explain why we believe Onpipeline is a superior choice to Close for CRM and Sales.

CRM is key for managing customers, making sales smoother, and improving marketing. It organizes customer details, helps in sales and marketing, and analyzes data. 


CRM tool focused on organizing data, overseeing leads, managing deals and the entire sales process, tracking activities, reporting, and producing. It centralizes contacts, streamlines communication, and provides robust tools for lead management, appointment booking, sales quotes, and invoices.


  • Centralizes customer interactions
  • Lead Management: Tools for capturing and nurturing leads
  • Simplifies the sales process with quote and invoice management
  • Integrates with Gmail or Outlook for syncing activities


  • Phone calls available by integrating 3rd parties


CRM platform known for its robust communication capabilities, enabling teams to manage and track interactions. Close is particularly effective in offering tools like built-in calling, email integration, and SMS.


  • Built-in calling, email, and SMS features
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Strong Sales Focus
  • Automation Features


  • Limited Customization: May not offer as much customization
  • Higher Cost: Potentially higher cost, especially for small businesses or startups
  • While strong in sales communication, it might lack functionalities

Close + Onpipeline

Using Close and Onpipeline together could leverage the strengths of both platforms. Close’s advanced communication tools can enhance customer interaction, while Onpipeline’s strong lead and sales process management capabilities can streamline the backend sales operations. This combination can provide a comprehensive solution for managing both the communication and operational aspects of sales.

The right Tool

Think about your business’s needs:

a) Close if you make a lot of phone calls;

b) Choose Onpipeline for sales and CRM;

c) Combine both. 

Sales Process

A sales pipeline will help you visualize your sales process. In other words, it will show where your deals are!

A visual sales pipeline helps you achieve goals by breaking processes into trackable tasks. It can improve your bottom line!

Your sales teams can see all customers using one solution that works.

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Team Collaboration

Both small and medium businesses will find that sharing information improve the quality of their work and improve results.

  • Collaboration throughout the sales cycle
  • Unlimited Teams and Team Leaders
  • Effective team and cross-team collaboration
  • Keep your team informed, instantly
  • Team leader supervision and training
  • Team Emails

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Why choose Onpipeline

  • Onpipeline is a CRM built for your sales teams.
  • It’s an all-in-one platform for sales.
  • It has been built to handle a high volume of leads.

Why choose Close

  • You run a call center.
  • You don’t need activity management.
  • You don’t need quotes or invoices.

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