Call Center CRM

Automatically store information from calls and update lead positions in your sales funnel.

What is Call Center CRM?

Call center customer relationship management (CRM) software is a tool that call center agents use to increase customer satisfaction and increase productivity. Call centers are departments that handle all customer phone calls. They can be located within your company or outsourced to a specialized company.

Make and receive calls

Our powerful integrations enable you to quickly and easily initiate calls, assign outcomes, and schedule follow-up activities with a few clicks. You can save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks and focusing on the big picture.

Furthermore, with our integrations, you can seamlessly move between multiple applications and take advantage of the data that each one offers. This improves the efficiency of your workflow and helps you stay organized.

Our Call Center CRM software also offer call recording, allowing you to review conversation details, use them for training and development purposes, or share them with new team members.

This helps to onboard new team members, helping them perform better and understand the company’s expectations more quickly.

Additionally, the best call recordings can be used to help new team members learn from the successes of others in the team, allowing them to hit the ground running and get up to speed quickly.

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Sales Opportunities

A sales pipeline will help you visualize both your sales processes and will show you where your deals are. Each stage brings an opportunity to the next phase, keeping in the previous stage those who have not passed the process.

As a result of using a single sales and service solution, your sales teams have full visibility into your customer base. This solution integrates with your existing internal systems, making it easier to manage customer relationships and ensure better customer satisfaction. With this solution, your sales teams have access to comprehensive customer data, making it possible to track customer interactions, identify cross-selling opportunities, and provide personalized experiences.

Additionally, the solution streamlines communication with customers, allowing for more efficient follow-up and faster resolution of customer inquiries. With this integrated sales and service solution, your sales teams can better understand customer needs and effectively meet them.

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Schedule Calls & Activities

Onpipeline has a built-in calendar for storing next actions, which can be synced with Gmail or Outlook calendars.

Starting from an opportunity or a contact, you can plan and organize visits to potential customers, send emails to follow up with customers, schedule meetings to discuss the products or services you are offering, set deadlines to ensure tasks are completed on time, or plan a custom activity based on the needs of the customer.

Additionally, you can assign tasks to different members of your team to ensure that all activities are carried out efficiently.

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Document Management

Each account in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes with an integrated file storage system, allowing users to save any type of document, such as PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and more, directly inside the platform. 

This makes it easier to manage and share documents between users, while ensuring that all documents are securely stored and easily accessible.

The files can be connected to contacts and / or deals, be personal or shared with other members of the organization as needed.

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Save time with Automations

Save time and increase efficiency with our Automations. Workflow automation allows you to automate repetitive tasks, processes and streamline communication. 

Automations can help you reduce manual labor and manual errors, save time, and maximize productivity. Our Automations are user-friendly and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. With our Automations, you can save time and resources, and focus on more important tasks.

When a new contact is added, you’ll be able to send an email, plan an event when the contract is extended to a specific stage, automatically reassign a deal to another owner based on specific circumstances, etc.

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External data sync

We provide API and Widgets to organizations that want to connect their account to external data. Also, the ability to add custom fields to the CRM database allows integrations with external systems.

It’s easy to sync your CRM data with external applications and databases in real time and have all the details you need within Onpipeline, thanks to our API (included in all plans). For example, any ERP information, billing details or any relevant data during the sales process may be available within the contact information.

Our API is very simple to use even for a mid-level developer. For any technical needs or information, please know our team is available to provide support.

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