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Onpipeline™ is a CRM suite designed to manage customer relationships and streamline the entire sales process. 

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CRM for Sales Teams

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Average revenue from each sale: $100

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What you can do

Sales Funnel


Customize your CRM database structure to suit your specific needs, define a sales pipeline, onboard your team and start collecting leads.

Manage daily contacts and sales

Sales Management

Manage activities, track deals, maintain logs of customer interactions, forecast sales, generate quotes and invoices - all within a single CRM!

CRM Calendar


Analyze reports, pinpoint cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and send targeted messages to specific customer profiles.

CRM Assistant



Your virtual assistant

Hey! is a virtual CRM assistant integrated into Onpipeline, providing real-time updates and guidance. It tracks your sales pipeline, so you don’t miss important sales tasks and can work efficiently. 

It is powered by advanced algorithms made by our skilled engineers. The result? A Sales CRM tool designed to supercharge your performance and productivity. With Hey!, your most precious resource, time, will be saved, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Limitless with APIs

Onpipeline provides an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t require coding and is designed to seamlessly fit into your business operations.

Additionally, every plan includes access to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), along with guides and user-friendly tools that empower your team to create solutions, improve workflows, enhance collaboration, and streamline customer relationship management across your organization.

Developer Tools

Key Features

These CRM features, among others, will assist your team in focusing on what matters most.


Track custom activities like tasks, calls, emails, and meetings, and link them to deals and contacts. 

Sales Process

Sales pipeline management tools to effectively track and manage deals as they progress. 


Teams share valuable information. Managers supervise and motivate their team members.


Quote management for your sales team. Manager approval, stock control, client e-signature, and templates.


Online appointment scheduling for your customers. Save time! Let them schedule their meetings and calls.

Customer Profiles

Add searchable custom fields to deals and contacts to best fit your needs and plan the next actions.


Users view results, managers track team performance, and valuable sales forecasts are provided.


Capture and manage your leads from several sources and partners, using web forms and web services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a CRM save your time?

A CRM boosts time efficiency for sales teams and businesses through various means. It consolidates customer information and simplifies email and call management. Incorporating organization tools, like task management and reminders, minimizes oversights. Moreover, the CRM goes beyond by generating insightful reports on sales performance. It also integrates with other essential tools like email and calendars.

Will Onpipeline work for my me?

Having a well-planned sales strategy can benefit your company in many ways. Onpipeline CRM helps you make more sales and money, understand customers, and improve relationships.

Take a look at the features

Is Onpipeline the best CRM?

Onpipeline CRM offers a variety of options designed to meet diverse business needs. Our tool encompasses all essential features. It is also scalable, adjusting to the growth of your business. It stands as a cost-effective CRM suitable for businesses of any size and our support team is ready to assist with any technical matters. To find out whether Onpipeline is the ideal CRM for you, take the initial step by claiming your 30-day free trial.

What is Onpipeline?

Onpipeline is a cloud-based CRM. It helps businesses manage their sales processes. It assists in handling contacts, organizing sales tasks, quotes, and activities. The platform includes features for sales pipeline management, lead tracking, and reporting. This helps sales teams stay focused on goals. It also helps them efficiently manage interactions with clients and prospects.

How do I choose a CRM solution?

Choose Onpipeline for your CRM needs for its affordability, user-friendliness, and adaptability. It’s budget-friendly for small to medium-sized businesses, easy to navigate with a simple interface, and can be customized to fit your unique processes. Onpipeline’s Sales Pipeline Management tools make your sales processes more efficient. It integrates with other tools for a smooth workflow, and teams can access CRM data on the go.

Is CRM implementation difficult?

Implementing CRM systems can be challenging. Transferring scattered or disorganized customer data can be a big task. and training users and overcoming resistance to change pose challenges. Also, customizing the CRM to fit business processes may require substantial time and resources.

However, not all CRM implementations are complex. Onpipeline stands out for its user-friendly interface. This makes it easier for small to medium-sized businesses and those new to CRM software.

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Onpipeline™ is a cloud-based CRM software designed to manage customers and sales from anywhere. 

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