Simplified and effective Online Appointment Booking

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Online Appointment Booking
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Managing appointments and schedules can be a time-consuming task and the traditional methods of scheduling via phone or email often lead to confusion and missed appointments.

Appointment booking systems has revolutionized the way we manage our time and interact with clients or customers. This article explores the many benefits of online appointment systems and how they have transformed our lives.

What is an Online Appointment System?

An online appointment system is a digital platform that helps people schedule and manage meetings. You can access it from anywhere with an internet connection and both you and your clients can use it. In simpler terms, it means putting a calendar online so customers can pick appointments.

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The Appointment Page

An important part of an online appointment system is the appointment page. You can access it with a special web address. 

This page is the central hub for scheduling appointments! It shows available dates and times that sync with your calendar. The system blocks slots to avoid conflicts with your appointments or commitments.

The system prevents overbooking and guarantees 99% non-overlapping appointments. To have this level of reliability, you need to keep an updated calendar that shows all commitments.


Online appointment systems allow you to define your availability for appointments. You can customize the schedule to fit your needs.

Also, you can easily change your availability if you want to go on vacation or take a course.

By overriding your normal business hours, you can manage your appointment schedule in all circumstances.

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The Booking Form

The booking form gathers basic info like name and contact details from clients. However, the system is highly customizable, offering the option to include additional questions, enabling you to tailor the form to your specific needs.

There are no limitations to the type and number of questions that can be included. This feature allows you to receive all necessary information to prepare for an appointment effectively.

Multiple Forms and Events

The interesting thing is that the availability and data you request are based on the form, not your account. This means you can use different forms – linked to your calendar – based on activities. For example, you can have one form for client calls and another for job candidate interviews running simultaneously.

Appointment Confirmation

Once the client select and confirm a date and time through the submission of the booking form, both of you receive email notifications. The appointment is automatically added to your CRM calendar, reducing the manual effort required!

Clients receive an email with a standard invitation attachment, allowing them to add the appointment to their personal calendar with a simple click.

Appointment Management

The email notification sent to clients also includes two vital links that grant them the autonomy to make changes to the appointment. Clients can either cancel or modify the appointment with ease, and any adjustments they make will automatically reflect in your calendar. 

This streamlined process minimizes the need for preliminary back-and-forth communication and allows you to focus on preparing for appointments without the hassle of scheduling coordination.

By providing real-time availability, easy customization, and automated notifications, Onpipeline changed the way to plan and organize appointments, ultimately changing the way we work for the better.

Costs and Benefits

Save 5 hours a week or more! The time you save depends on your work and clients, but you could save an hour each day if you don’t need to search for clients to schedule and manage appointments. Imagine scheduling an appointment over the phone: 1) call to set the day; 2) send the invitation; 3) wait for confirmation;

Avoid misunderstandings that can arise when scheduling appointments! When working with clients in different time zones, a common issue is a misunderstanding about the time zone. The appointment management system automatically takes care of this.

Make it easy for your customers to reschedule appointments without calling you for a new date and time. You know how challenging it can be to reschedule with customers! You won’t waste time and can do other things. Once they can pick a new date, your calendar will show the new appointment. 

Onpipeline offers this tool for free in any plan, which means you can have the online appointment booking system along with CRM for managing the sales pipeline and your contacts, all at a competitive price!


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