You and your team
deserve a better CRM

More and more businesses choose Onpipeline™ CRM software to manage their sales process and organize customer data. Zero learning curve, inexpensive and scalable. We designed our tools to never miss an opportunity and bring more sales in less time.

Why Onpipeline CRM?

Easy to setup and use

Intuitive UI that empowers users from day one. You can get started in 2 minutes: Just set your pipeline, fill it up with deals and start selling.

Never miss opportunites

Build a complete view of your customers. Simply schedule calls, meetings or emails, and let Onpipeline show you what you have to do.

Improve your business

You can easily see deals and activities across time or any data point you want. When you understand past trends you can forecast sales.

Your sales team deserves a better CRM, with a simple interface that really helps stay focused on the right deals.

There is no software to install. Your account is accessible anytime, anywhere!


Collect the right data

Lead Generation

You can create unlimited Web Forms to collect new Leads. You may use your company logo, colors and styling options to match your branding. There is no need to involve a web developer, our forms can be copied into your website with ease.

Full control over the data

You can asks for specific information that will automatically be stored within your CRM Contacts Database. Custom fields will be a great resource for gathering the information you need.

Partners lead generation

You can provide Partners with dedicated web forms and/or a dedicated access to your API. Lead Sources can be particularly useful in online marketing. Includes Lead validation capability, duplicates automatic rejection, easy creation of new contacts and deals from Leads and reports on valid and invalid leads.

More info about web forms


Everything in one place

Customer overview

Capture or save customers interactions with your business, and highlight the information needed to have better conversations with your customers, thanks to a complete record of individuals and companies.

Team collaboration

Leave notes and upload files on your sales records and activities. You will have a recollection of the chain of events leading up to the sale, it also leaves a paper trail for anyone else in your company who gets involved in the deal.

See your results and trends

Measure your sales performance and can get important information about Sales & Forecast by product, Deals opened or lost in a period, and events/tasks by type (Task, Call, Meeting, etc.).

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Send professional quotes

Templates and multi-currency

Onpipeline Quote Management offers an intuitive user experience serving the needs of businesses of all sizes. You can send to customers your PDF custom template. Also, you can sell globally with our multi-currency support. .

Pre-approval and Versioning

Quotes can be subject to team leader/admin approval before the sales rep can send them to the customer. You can generate an unlimited number of quote revisions for each deal and access them from one central screen (quote history).

Find the right plan for you.
Inexpensive and scalable!

per user / month
Very easy to use even for a beginner! You and/or your sales team can manage sales pipelines, contacts and activities.

per user / month
For businesses looking to scale productivity with emails, automations, dynamic web forms and custom quotes.

per user / month
More professional features to boost sales like sales goals, audit logs, nested sales processes and more automations.

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