Web Forms

Our web forms allow you to generate quality leads. You can create unlimited web forms in just a few clicks, have them hosted at Onpipeline or copy them into your website.

Use it on your web site

Each form can be fully customized to reflect the look and feel of your business site. The form will automatically inherit your page’s CSS styles, and if that’s not enough, your developer can modify the style further. Alternatively, you can use a hosted form. There is no need to involve a web developer to use our forms!

Full control over the data

You can asks for specific information that will automatically be stored within your Leads In and Contacts Database. Custom fields will be a great resource for gathering the information you need. Labels are easily customizable. You can change them as you like and create forms in multiple languages.

Dynamic fields can be very useful to create forms, varying the information and business object without using different forms. You can decide whether to show a form field based on the response provided by your customer.

Automatic duplicate check

Onpipeline checks if the contact is already in the database and marks it as “duplicate”. The control is made on the contact details of the person with a combination of email, telephone and name. This will save you time, without having to consolidate duplicate contacts.

Thank-you message and redirect

After the form has been sent, you can simply show a custom text message, but you can also redirect the customer to a page (url) of your choice. The form data will be passed to the thank-you URL in a query string so that you can customize the customer experience and/or implement other interneal procedures.

Receive email notifications

If you wish, you can receive an email message with contact details (form data). This option can be useful for alerting the sales team via email without checking the CRM to detect the new lead. You can enter multiple recipients by entering the email addresses separated by a comma.

Automatically create a contact

By default data is saved in your Leads IN database, but you can decide to automatically create a contact in Persons / Organizations. It is a possible configuration that is useful if you do not want to manage the check on the Leads IN intermediate layer and have the new contact created automatically.
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