Using the Onpipeline Brand

We permit customers, third party developers, partners and the media to use our names, trademarks, logos and screenshots. The name Onpipeline should accompanied by ™ at least once on the same page. You may download our logos for use on your website, apps or media.

Please follow these requirements so our logo always looks its best.

Our default logo is black and green but you can also use the white version on dark backgrounds so it's easy to see. To make sure our logo is legible, maintain its integrity and scale. We love our logo, so please do not modify or distort it. You can use only the icon (i.e. in Apps) but always followed by the name "Onpipeline".

Default Logo
White Logo

Black: #202020 (RGB 32-32-32) / Green: #00A651 (RGB 0-166-80)

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