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No matter if you send cold emails within or without your Sales CRM. The first thing your prospects see in the inbox is the subject line.

The first thing your prospects see in the inbox is the subject line.

In Business Development and Sales getting emails opened is the most important thing. Writing a great email presentation is useless if your prospect does not even open your message. Email subject can boost open rates by up to 50%.

Your email should be personalized, and your subject should not be different. Remember, you’re contacting somebody who doesn’t know you. Ask yourself, “would I open that email?”  Give your prospects a summary of what the email contains.

A good practice is to call them by name:  Our brains are preprogrammed to look for our name! A good subject could be: “Can you speak 5 minutes, [name]?”

Keeping your subject line short makes the contents less sales-driven. It’s also worth considering that a short subject works better on mobile devices where your subject line could be cut off.  Here is a good tool to test your subject line across specific devices.

Since many email programs display a preview of the email contents, your email body can help give that last little push. Convey conversation to make the content seem more tailor-made.

Try running experiments of your own. It’s impossible to send a cold email that will be opened without doing some homework on your prospect’s business.

“Can we speak 🙏”

Does a subject line with symbols have a higher open rate? Adding emojis to your subject line can have a positive impact your email open rate, depending on how you use them. Most of the times a symbol increases the open rate, but pay attention it could be a spam trigger if used in conjunction with spam trigger words.

Avoid being marked as spam!

There are several reasons why emails get flagged as spam. Each spam filter looks for different criteria, but they usually evaluate messages by their content, format, code and IP address.  Here you can find a list of spam trigger words. “Spam filters are surprisingly sophisticated these days. They won’t flag your email as spam just because it includes a couple of trigger words. It all comes down to context.”

Onpipeline CRM allows you to track your emails. You can see when the email sent from the application was opened and clicked by the recipient. Morever, you can track if your attachments (i.e. offers) were opened.

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