Autumn – New features

New training videos

The videos will help you understand which is the best tool. It's  an overview of Onpipeline, that will explain how use the platform. At the moment we explain Settings, Pipeline, Contacts and Deals. More videos will be published soon. Enjoy!

Nested Sales Process

You can create workflows for your sales reps and associate them with a Pipeline. The steps of the sales process can be associated with each stage of the Pipeline creating a logical path. If a "step is required" the deal can’t be moved to the next step. More info

Send Bulk Emails to your CRM Contacts

Get the most out of your business emails. Find recipients using filters in list views, select them and use custom templates. You can track the status of your emails and schedule them to be sent at convenient times. More info

Multi-currency & Quotes

Are you selling to different countries? Onpipeline allows you to select the currency of your quote, and more! While creating a quote in a currency that is not your default currency, the price of the product that you select from your price book is calculated on the fly and shown on the page. Currency exchange is automatically calculated based on mid-market rates that we update every day from trusted sources!