Benefits of the digital transformation

Implementing a digital transformation is now a must for all companies. But how can this be done?

In short, by integrating digital tools and technologies into every aspect of the business with the aim of radically changing the way of operating and obtaining new efficiencies and opportunities.

Digital transformation is a complex and gradual process, which will only be successful if you are able to change the corporate mentality at all levels: digital transformation, in fact, distorts the traditional way of working and breaks down the approach of organizations divided into siled compartments.

The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, the fear of physical contact it generated and the distancing provisions adopted by governments have accelerated the shift of customers to online, and brands that were already well underway in the digital world have been able to ride the ‘wave better than the others.

Reaching and involving users is a rather complex undertaking that must be tackled with the right tools. A CRM software can be a very valuable ally, because it allows you to analyze historical data and trends, understand what to aim for based on your target market.

CRM systems play a leading role in digital transformation. But what advantages do they offer? Interactions with customers generate mountains of data, which must be aggregated to be meaningful. CRMs collect all customer information and present it in aggregate form. Such an overview allows the various departments of the company to work in synchrony, as well as to deepen the expectations of customers and to satisfy them in the best possible way.

A digital product that solves everything does not exist, and working with a supplier who promises to offer all solutions may not be the answer.

Even if you find it then you will be disappointed because it is impossible to specialize in everything.

It is certainly better to work with applications made for the activity to be managed, such as the Onpipeline Sales CRM (for the sales process and its features designed for Sales Teams), and then hook up to another application for other specific activities. Data can be integrated, and the results will ultimately be much more effective!

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