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More and more people prefer to use Onpipeline. You can manage your sales pipeline, contacts and activities from anywhere. Integrate emails and calendars, create quotes, automate tasks, and much more.

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Lead and Deal management software
with a simple interface that really helps salespeople!

There is no software to install. Your account is accessible anytime, anywhere!

Easy to use and fully customizable
to fit your business needs.

Marketing automations allow you
to save time on recurring tasks.

All accounts with unlimited
storage, contacts and users.

Immediate access. You can
get started in 2 minutes or less.

“We tried several CRM but didn’t really use them. It was complicated because they had so many customisations that we ended up not using them. When we explored Onpipeline the first thing I remember saying is: ok the interface is intuitive, just what we really need to sell.”

Paul Joao, Marketing & Business Consulting
“We have configured everything in no time. Onpipeline is really easy, we have 2 teams in different locations and finally have a complete view of the Sales Pipelines. With the API interface our developer put both the call center and the billing system in touch in a short time.”

María Gómez, TJ Ring Distributors
Populate your Customer Base
You can add new contacts and deals from emails, web forms and our API. Also, you can activate and track 3rd party sources and control their access at anytime.
Visually Manage your Pipeline
Drag and drop your deals into the next stage! You can set up Onpipeline to work with one or more customizable pipelines and optionally assign them to a Team.

Built-in phone and email
Make calls and send emails to and get in touch with your contacts with just one click. Emails can be tracked for opens, clicks and attachment downloads.
Organize in Teams
Users can belong to one or more Teams. Also, as coaching is an important part of the job Onpipeline users can be set as Team Leaders and supervise Team's activity.

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